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“ Take one idea ,make that one idea your life,think of it ,dream of it ,live with that idea .Let the brain , muscles, nerves , every part of your body be full of that idea. Just leave every other idea alone.That is the way to success.”
                                                                                                                              Swami Vivekananda

 “I want our kids to passionately cherish their dreams because they are the blueprints of one’s ultimate achievement  in the path of realizing dreams.We want our kids to not forget to touch lives , always be sensitive to  social responsibilities ,touch lives, spread the fragrance of happiness and joy .We have no stone unturned to offer   multitudes of opportunities to our kids .We want our kids to believe that “ the sky is not the limit”. We aim to unearth every child’s talent and provide opportunities which enable them to discover new and exciting things which make learning and buoyancy at par with each other. We offer to our kids lasting bequests , one of which is “ wings”. We, at Vivekananda want our kids to dream and be curious for as they do, they are empowered with  social, emotional, intellectual and ethical skills.I am sure that together ,with this  team of dedicated teachers , spirited students and always supportive teachers we will achieve the benchmarks we’ve set .              
I am confident  that every student of our school will  grow to become responsible citizens and  dedicated individuals with a mission in mind.”

Dr. Manju Rajasekharan
B.Ed M.Phil Ph.D

Vivekananda Central School

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